Graduation 2022 Leader of Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy
Knowledge, diligence and aspiration for development – these are only some of the superlatives that can at first sight characterize the graduation leader of Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy Stefan Dimitrov Mirchev. He would be a pride reason for any parent, but also any company would be proud he to be a part of its team.
Stefan is a scholarship holder of NAVIBULGAR. He already has two engine trainee voyages behind him. The first one on board motor vessel Ruen with chief engineer Georgi Zhelev and the second one on board motor vessel Plana with chief engineer Valentin Stoykov. The obtained excellent evaluations just complete the picture of his capabilities and potential abilities.
Engineer Stefan Mirchev was born in 1999 in Burgas. In 2018 he graduated from a mathematic gymnasium in his hometown and in the very same year entered the naval alma mater, where in the present 2022 he graduated with full honors (6) the marine engine and equipment specialty.
The photo used in the article was not chosen by chance. In harmony with everything achieved up to this point, Stefan’s path undoubtedly leads to the heights of the profession. We sincerely wish him that.