Hoisting the flag of the first from the series 32,150 tonne bulk carrier m/v “Kom”, ordered by Navigation Maritime Bulgare

Today, August 20 2021, the naming ceremony on pioneer ship m/v Kom  of the series of eight 32 150 tonne bulk carriers has taken place at the Chinese shipyard Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co.., Ltd.
The total investment will exceed $ 200 million.
The godmother of the ship Mrs. Snezhina Trendafilova gave her the name "Kom".
Kom is the third Navibulgar ship named after one of the highest peaks in Stara Planina mountain.
Mrs. Trendafilova is Eng. Radoslav Trendafilov’s wife- Head of the Navibulgar’s site team in China responsible for the supervising of new building projects there.
The first captain of "Kom" is capt. Marian Yotov and the first chief engineer – Mr. Dimitar Ganchev.
The newly built vessel has shown excellent performance during her sea trials.
Kom is a lake fitted bulk carrier.
By ordering lake fitted bulk carriers, Navigation Maritime Bulgare is aiming to strengthen its market position in the Great Lakes and North Atlantic Ocean.
Kom was built on a completely new project, compliant with the latest efficiency and environmental protection requirements. The project was developed by leading ship designers and by our team of Navigation Maritime Bulgare.
The second ship of the series was launched in July and she is expected to be operating by the end of September this year. The remaining six ships will be delivered consecutively by June 2023.


Press center of Navibulgar