Letter from Malta`s Merchant Shipping Directorate

23 January 2015
The General Manager
Navigation Maritime Bulgare
Navibulgar House
Bul Primorski 1
9000 Varna

Dear Sir,
May I refer to the unfortunate accident which occurred on 28 December 2014 involving mv Norman Atlantic, in the Adriatic Sea and to the assistance afforded during the ensuing difficult rescue operations be, the master and crew of mv Plana registered under the Malta flag.
We take this opportunity to commend the deeds of the master and hid crew members. Whilst appreciating that assisting other lives at the sea is an international obligation, nonetheless, this Administration is extremely gratified for the acts of the master and his crew members.
We appreciate that the master and his crew members have taken a commended initiative and performed in an extremely diligent and professional manner to the extent of saving the lives of those who were endangered by the accident.
In recognition of their important role in this rescue operation, it is the wish of this Administration that your office very kindly conveys Transport Malta’s tribute, recognition and heartfelt thanks to the master and his crew members for their honourable deed and professionalism.

Yours faithfully

Ivan Sammut
Registrar General of
Shipping and Seamen